ANAFE set to revise its Strategic Plan

5-Strategic-Plan-RevisionANAFE is revising its current strategic plan to align it with emerging paradigms in agriculture, agroforestry and natural resources education globally. The revision is mainly driven by the emergence of agribusiness as a key component of agriculture and natural resource management in Africa. The exercise is expected to inject new ideas, identify potential opportunities and create new synergies necessary for effective and efficient delivery of agricultural, agroforestry and natural resources management education in Africa.

Mid-way through the current strategy (2013-2015), it was deemed necessary to conduct an external review in light of emerging global trends and realities; and thereby ensure its continued relevance to ANAFE’s focus areas. An external consultant has already been engaged to critically examine the strategy with regard to its relevance, focus areas and corresponding gaps. As a consequence of the revision, ANAFE will commission a study to explore the agribusiness environment, and whose findings will form the basis of the structural changes to be undertaken.

  • The ANAFE Board is expected to hold a meeting in 2015 to discuss and validate recommendations emanating from the review of the strategic plan. ANAFE’s mandate focuses on mainstreaming integrated education programmes in agriculture, agroforestry, forestry, environment and natural resources management within African colleges and universities. Specifically, ANAFE aims to:
  • Strengthen the content and delivery of tertiary education in agroforestry, agriculture and natural resource sciences;
    Establish and nurture linkages among education, research and extension institutions to maintain the relevance of education programmes;
  • Build a culture of sharing information and expertise among educational and training institutions in Africa and promote links with global partners.

Inclusion of agribusiness is expected to add a new and interesting dimension to the strategy.