Students benefit from SASACID research fellowships

To support the development of expertise and at the same time contribute to the knowledge of agribusiness and risk management education, the SASACID programme awarded research grants to students.

Students in a laboratory at Botswana College of Agriculture

Students in a laboratory at Botswana College of Agriculture

More than 142 students have benefitted from the research SASACID research grants, at diploma, bachelor’s and master’s level. The research topics were selected by the students under the guidance of their supervisors and partners in the private/public sectors, where the research activities were implemented.

The research results were shared by the students and their supervisors at the fourth ANAFE scientific symposium in Cameroon in 2014 and also at the final SASACID workshop held in Nairobi in December 2015. Many of the students produced credible scientific data and resources which are being further developed for publication in scientific journals.

The results are also being utilized by academic staff in their teaching programmes. To enable better dissemination of the results to other users, ANAFE is supporting the incorporation of the findings into learning materials so they can be accessed by other colleges and universities. Feedback from students, supervisors, farmers and partners in the private sector clearly point to the research component of SASACID as one of the best areas of work with multiple benefits, and recommends continuation.

The grants deliberately targeted female students who are often under-represented in tertiary agricultural education.